PUNEET VERMA – Landscape Photographer

Photographer Interview – Puneet Verma (Landscape Photographer) Puneet Verma is an IT professional based in Bangalore. When he’s not busy writing software, he’s always out – riding, travelling and making images, almost obsessively. A self taught photographer, his passion is creating fine art imagery using long exposure techniques. You’ll find most of his compositions with […]

JASSI OBERAI – Landscape Photographer

Photographer Interview – Jassi Oberai (Landscape and Travel Photographer) There are those who walk a different path, those who see the world with eyes that create glorious images, those that explore and learn each step of the way. One such talented professional is Jassi Oberai who has taken the art of photography to sophisticated levels […]

ANUSHA YADAV – Portrait Photographer

Interview of Anusha Yadav – Portrait Photographer Anusha Yadav is a Portrait Photographer, Brand Culture design consultant, and a curator of narrative, visual and theme based archives and ideas. She graduated in Communication Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 1997. Anusha also began working as an independent photographer in 2006. With 20 years […]

SOM ROY – Landscape Photographer

Som Roy interview

Interview with Som Roy – Landscape Photographer In his own words: The melancholy aside, the fact is we often fail to recognize and appreciate our gifts. I was born and brought up in north-eastern India – a region that was largely isolated from the rest of the country for most of the previous century. It’s […]

FAWZAN HUSAIN – Documentary Photographer

Photography Interview – Fawzan Husain – Documentary Photographer Fawzan Husain is a photojournalist, a creative artist, teacher and an organic farmer. A self-taught photographer, Fawzan has spent 30 years as a photojournalist. His work has been published in prominent Indian and International publications and exhibited around the world. After completing a post-graduate degree in journalism […]

MAHESH BHAT – Documentary Photographer

I am a Bangalore based photographer/film maker and India is my canvas. I have been photographing the life and times of my country and parts of the sub continent for the last 25 years. In these years I have been commissioned by publications as varied as new York Times to Newsweek of Japan – from […]

Future of Photography Post Covid – A Panel Discussion

Future of Photography post covid

Future of Photography Post Covid – Where to From Here? – A Panel discussion Future of Photography After Covid | What will happen to photography | Photography Panel Discussion Photography and photographers have been going through some challenging times. Present is frustrating and future comes with lot of question marks. Do we have to adapt […]

SANDEEP MATHUR – Landscape Photographer

Sandeep is a passionate traveler and photography enthusiast from New Delhi. His family consisting of my wife and two kids are equally voracious travellers and his greatest critics as far as photography goes, which keeps him on his toes . He along with his brother run an Engineering company out of India to design and […]

RAJ LALWANI – Documentary Photographer

Raj Lalwani is a photographer, whose practice hovers in the space between what was, and what will be. He is also the Editor of See magazine (www.see-magazine.com), a journal dedicated to contemplative writing on the medium. According to him, inspiration lies in the fantastic, the ordinary and in love. Raj lives in Bombay, not Mumbai. […]