Himadri Bhuyan

Light Master

Himadri Bhuyan, hails from Guwahati, a city in North East India and has been in this field of photography since 1998. He did his double masters in Geography and Environmental Planning and held different jobs in INGO’s, NGO’s and the govt. sector. Though he started off with a regular job, photography and creative arts constantly occupied his heart and mind. What started off as a hobby, transformed into a profession in 2013 when he finally answered his calling.
With a deep interest in travel and nature photography, he specializes in landscapes, portraits, abstracts, and wildlife as a passion and weddings, concerts, cultural festivals, product shoots and time-lapse as a profession.
Even though he doesn’t keep a track of his achievements, he considers his publications in Nat Geo Your Shot and National Geographic Magazine, including the book “Getting Your Shot” published by National Geographic as the high point in his photographic journey.
Apart from being the Nikon School mentor for North East India, he is an educator in the same field and conducts workshops and photo tours, including leading treks and excursions throughout NE India.