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If a person invests in a camera, thereu2019s a spontaneous propensity of getting bit by the u2018photography bugu2019. Picking up a camera seems to unleash a previously unknown curiosity about our photographersu2019 planet, which inspires us to seek out an exotic destination together with a different experience for ourselves.

Photography is all about capturing the moment, time, and place. Photo Tours help you get the best out of a location and explore areas that otherwise remain unexplored by a normal tourist.

Accompanying Photo Mentor helps you learn different nuances of photography while on the move which is otherwise not possible.

Lear the ART & Science of Photography with our Online Courses

Whatever your level or passion, weu2019ll help you take big leaps, fast. These all-time favorites are a great place to start.

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Xploring Light, an initiative by Light Chasers Photography Pvt. Ltd., is an interface that offers an access to a unique version of happiness by exploring hidden treasures of world by helping you find and create images.