Event Date

Start Date - July 21, 2022

End Date - July 21, 2022


Participation Fee

Rs 5999


Session Highlights
– Totally customizable and very personalized (based on skill level) one on one processing sessions
– Full workflow and Image processing Begining to End
– Learn all the tips and tricks of Astro Landscape Processing
– Full Video Recording will be provided

Session Content
1) Location and planning a milkyway shoots
2) Selecting the best Night shots
3) Opening and Processing in Adobe Camera RAW
4) Layer Masking and selective adjustments
5) Preparation of the Milkyway RAW files in ACR for Stacking
6) Stacking milkyway images with Sequetor / StarStax / Other software
7) Necessary Layer, Curves and other adjustments with different type of masks
8) Prepare the Foreground layer in ACR to be blended with the milkyway
9) Stack the foreground layer for FG noise reduction
10) Making Milkyway panorama
11) Blue hour blend with the milkyway seamlessly and match exposure
12) Luminosity Masking and precise adjustments of the foreground elements
13) Noise Reduction using ACR and DeNoise Plugin
14) Final finishing, sharpening and contrast adjustment
15) PROs and CONs of a) Single Shot b) Stacked Shots c) Tracked Shots d) Tracked + Stacked shot

– This is not an entry level workshop, it is all about going BEYOND BASICS
– We will give individualised attention to each participant
– You are expected to possess basic knowledge of layers, masks and some other areas of Photoshop, if not, no worries and workshop content will be adjusted based on your skill set.
— Participants can choose to process one of their images for the demonstration or presenter’s image as well for the purpose.
— In case participant wants to work on his own image, he/she should be asked to provide the image(s) at least 1 week ago.
— Participant needs to have webcam, microphone and well established internet connection for the session. No refund for lost or unstable internet connection. However, a recording of the processing will be provided or can be rescheduled once.

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Participation Fee

Rs 5999

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