Event Date

Start Date - July 3, 2022

End Date - July 3, 2022


Harbi Photography Studio
252, 3rd Floor, Nanak Chand building, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

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Time to Bring Your Photography out of Darkness

Take your photography to new heights by taking control of light in studio setup. Don’t just learn about the lighting equipment itself, learn how it can be used in several different settings and scenarios to create unique and desirable photos.

If you’ve been curious about getting to know more about studio lighting for portraits, but it all seems too technical and intimidating, then this workshop is for you. This workshop is aimed at ensuring you get to use studio lights and light modifiers, and setting these up for portrait photography and in the end going with loads of confidence.

The intention with this workshop is to help other photographers understand the essentials of studio lighting, and how to achieve what they want to. After this workshop, we want you to feel comfortable next time you step into a studio, and have the confidence to experiment further.

Workshop Highlights

•The Importance of Lighting in Photography.

•Different Lighting setups

•On-Floor Hands On Experience

Workshop Content

•Studio strobes overview

•Operation of studio lights and setting up your camera to work with them

• Light modifiers overview

• Soft and Hard light

• High key and low key lighting set ups

•Main light, fill lights and Hair lights

•Split, Loop, Butterfly, Rembrandt, Clamshell, Broad & Short lighting

•Choosing the correct lighting for your subject

• Light distance from subject and consequences

•Essential rules for successful lighting

•Light falloff

•Using lighting to tell a story


Who Should Attend

Amateurs, and Advanced Amateurs

What you Should Know 

Be prepared – you will get the most out of the workshop if you are familiar with your camera’s basic operations. Make sure you know how to manually adjust your shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO. You need to be familiar already with concepts such as depth-of-field. 

What to Bring

You only need your camera, and a lens or two. You can bring any or all of the following lenses with you:

A medium-range zoom lens e.g 24-70mm or 24-105mm,  

A prime lens e.g 50mm or 85mm

A telephoto lens like70-200mm

Your Mentors

Jassi Oberai

Rajneesh Panwar

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