About Us

Xploring Light a brand for Light chasers Photography Private Limited is a company that thinks nothing beyond its core competence, photography, that is. It believes in delivering value in whatever it has to do, and as mentioned above, it has got everything to do with photography now be it conducting photo workshops, organising photo tours or model shoots, or be more adventurous and combine all three above. At the end of every such event we concluded we have ensured to bring together contented friends for life rather than merely some satisfied customers. That means the relationships with the participants is built upon a great amount of trust and self-assurance in their minds that every moment they are in company of their best friend. And this relationship lasts for lifetime. The participants never hesitate in seeking further guidance even after the event is long over.

The portfolio of our activities is as diverse as the word itself. Our highly successful tours and workshops in India and abroad have ranged from fashion, beauty, product, travel, festivals, monuments, adventure, nature and wildlife. And that is where our strength lies. The team of mentors that accompanies the tours are dedicated, accomplished, known photo professionals who always have a ready-to-give attitude.

Xploring Light’s endeavors are invariably endorsed by the professional stalwarts in the field of photography like Lumix, Godox, H&Y, Sirui, Datacolor, Gudsen Moza and several other big names of the industry.


Our Vision

We are curious. That’s who we are. We are curious about why some places are so beautiful, why they keep calling us back. We are curious about the stories behind the people we meet. We are curious about the imperfections that gives character to everything around us, despite our search for perfection. We are curious about the mountains and the beaches, happy children & interesting faces, about exploring that off-the-beaten path and finding something places in our own neighborhood.

It is this very curiosity that passions our life. Photography is the official language of the passionate Light Chaser. With our camera in hand, we always find the best way to capture the stories around us. Photography is not a destination. Photography is a journey, an ever-evolving language, an art & science that fuels your passion.

At Xploring Light it is our endeavor to help you live your passion for photography by making it accessible to everyone. Whatever your preferred tool, mobile phone or DSLR, we will passion your life by taking your photography skills to the next level.

Our-Vision1 About Us

Our Mission

Our-Mission1-1 About Us

Our mission is to increase the reach of photography by empowering customers with the knowledge, tools and mentorship needed to stay curious, achieve their creative potential& fuel their passion through the language of travel and photography.

Our enduring aim is to be the best conduit for photography knowledge, education and tours. We know we’ve done a good job when customers return from our interactions with passion to learn more & do more.

We will work hard to differentiate ourselves from the multitude of operators in this space by –

● Staying true to our vision of helping people passion their life with photography, going beyond the standard

● Aligning ourselves with people & partners who can help us find unique places, experiences & people

● Establishing processes & guidelines that will make the Light Chaser experience as unique, seamless & enjoyable as possible

● Respecting the environment, traditions & culture of the places we visit and people we meet

Our Story

As humans, we don’t see color, we see light. As the literal meaning of the term photography itself suggests -painting with light. So, we can fairly state that there is no photography if there is no light. As a photographer the first lesson is to understand the quality, the intensity and the direction of light. Once you have learned to ’see light’ you may not be far from making stunning photographs. This is where the name “Xploring Light” is derived from.

The Man Behind

Jassi About Us

It is a team venture of photo enthusiasts spearheaded by Jassi Oberai. Jassi’s interest in photography goes back as long as he can remember. He shares his love of photography with a love of travels. His camera has taken him through length and breadth of India and across the globe. Along the way he has gained a deep insight to intricacies of this sophisticated art form. Jassi is never happier than when he is wandering with his camera either on his own or while leading a group of photo enthusiasts, trying to capture a spectacle in the magical light. After having worked relentlessly for years together in association with several like organizations Jassi has ventured on his own.“As a photographer I do not restrict myself to any particular genre of photography.

I like to shoot mostly anything. I like the challenge of going from shooting landscape one day to close up the next and dabbling in portraiture the day after. I love nature, and great use of color. So in lot of my photographs you’ll see very vibrant colors. A lot of times this can give a whole new look to something that’s rather mundane or something we’re used to. To me that’s what I love most about photography – looking at the world in new ways.”