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If you’ve invested in a camera, it’s likely that you’ve already been bitten by the photography bug, and are now itching to explore the uncharted domains of your own creativity. But, mind you, that’s only the beginning! More often than not, this itch transforms into a burning passion for seeking out exotic destinations and capturing the world’s beauty through your lens.

The art of photography has two vital elements: the right time and the right place. Our meticulously planned photo tours take you to locations off the beaten path during the best-possible time of year, ensuring splendid photo opportunities.

Accompanying mentors help you learn the different nuances of photography through a hands-on approach while on the move.

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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned photographer, there’s always more to learn. Our online courses are an excellent way to upskill and discover insider secrets

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Xploring Light, an initiative by Light Chasers Photography Pvt. Ltd., is a platform that lets shutterbugs dive deeper into and fall in love with the photgraphic art form. With specialized tours at exotic destinations and skill-enhancing workshop and tutorials, our mentors help you to not only capture the world through a lens but also lend the craft you own unique perspective

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