Post Processing – Advanced Workshop

Post Processing – Advanced Workshop

Overview of the Workshop

We at Xploring Light understand the priceless statement by the legend Ansel Adams. Owning a camera makes you a camera owner but to become a photographer you need to understand the nuances of “Making an Image.”

Post Processing has always been an integral part of photography workflow. Through this workshop we intend to help you take your post processing levels to a new high with which you can now give your images that professional touch.


Content Covered:

● Luminosity Masks in Depth
● Understanding Luminosity Masks
● Set up for Luminosity Masks
● How to select right masks.
● Understanding Contrast in Depth
● How to take full control of colors and contrast using Luminosity Masks with Adjustment Layers.
● How to make the subject stand out using Luminosity Masks with blending modes.
● Non-destructive Burn/Dodge using Luminosity Masks (Advanced Techniques).
● Non-destructive Advanced Sharpening Technique to fetch details.
● How to create subtle vignettes using Luminosity Masks to draw attention. (Vignette doesn’t mean oval or circular darkening of image)


Tool Used:  Adobe Photoshop CC



This course will not teach basics of Photoshop. One should have intermediate level of understanding photoshop with it’s tools, filters, adjustments with knowledge of working with selections and masks.
They are very powerful implement for controlling image adjustments.
They also allows you to take advanced control on your images which no other tool can.

Participation Fee:

Rs. 5700/-


Future Forward, O-2, 2nd Floor, Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi


Rajneesh Post Processing - Advanced Workshop

Your Workshop Mentor

Rajneesh Pawar


– Service Tax @14.5% is included in the price

– We have limited seats so registration will be strictly on first come first serve basis

– There is no possibility of cancellation after registration

– Registration against money transfer only