Bandhavgarh and Kanha FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Other Related Info

-How different are tours and photo tours?

 Unlike travel agents who plan your holiday based on what is hot in that season      with almost no inclination to offer you what you would want to see, Photo Tours   are innovative ways to experience a place through the guidance of a professional    photographer. All of our photo tours are fun with a loads of learning and knowledge sharing. Moreover, since the group consists of photography enthusiasts only it makes your experience your experience more focused and fun filled.


-What is the suggested equipment for this tour?     

For wild animals a mid telephoto lens in the range of 100-400 works best. For birds however you require a longer focal length lenses but a minimum requirement is 100-400 lens. However prime lenses with higher focal lengths like 500mm or 600mm work the best, but we never advise anyone to go for those lenses just for coming on this tour. Camera bodies which work better in low light conditions and which have a crop sensor and high fps are suggested. We always advise to carry a monopod and a bean bag to stabilize your camera to get tack sharp pics. The tracks can be very dusty which can harm your camera, so we strongly suggest a dust bag to keep your gear protected when not in use.


-What are the pre requisites for this tour?

The only pre-requisites are good health and an avid interest for Wildlife photography.


-I am a rank beginner in photography / I only have a simple point and shoot camera. Can I be a part of this tour?

Oh yes very much! We always encourage every photography enthusiast whether an experienced photographer or not to attend such organized photo tours.

Feel free to be a part of this tour and get to take valuable tips home from our          skilled team of experts and other participants as well.


-How many participants are expected to share a Room?

All participants are accommodated in twin-sharing rooms. Single supplements are charged extra. Please enquire with us about your single supplement charges.


-How many people are expected to share a Gypsy?

Though max 11 can be seated in a Gypsy, we will have maximum 4 people sharing a Gypsy. This is to ensure comfort of each participant while on the safari.


-What are the chances of sighting a Tiger?

Tiger is a wild animal and since we are not visiting a zoo, chances of sighting it will be purely coincidental. We do not have any control over it and do not take guarantees of any kind. We however will be planning to maximize sighting based on some critical movement details of this King.