Kenya and Tanzania Testimonials

Suvabrata Guhathakurta (Mumbai) – The Great Migration, Masai Mara Sept 2014


Suvabrata-1 Kenya and Tanzania Testimonials

The experience of Kenya with Xploring Light was a truly exhilarating one. The tour was well managed but that is only a hygiene factor. The central point was that the energy and enthusiasm of the group led by Jassi was intoxicating. The love for nature and the care for wildlife that the team demonstrated goaded one to think about nature in a more inclusive way. Jassi and other participants were ever willing to share there immense knowledge of photography with a novice like me and always ensured that all participants got the best possible shot of the subject. I think I took a damn good decision to have opted for this trip and hope to do so in future too. Wish Xploring Light all the very best!!

Suraj Ravindra Das (Navi Mumbai) – The Great Migration, Masai Mara Sept 2014


Suraj-1 Kenya and Tanzania Testimonials

Being bombarded with concerns & apprehensions from a lot of Friends about going to Masai Mara with Xploring Light in the month of September “After the Migration was over”, I was also slightly apprehensive about how the Tour would end up . . . But the Tour was an ABSOLUTE Thriller and a Photographic Delight to mention the least The tour was so well planned by Jassi Oberai that it suited all the requirements of a Photographer travelling for the first time to the Mecca of Wildlife, AFRICA. And the best part was covering Lake Nakuru & Lake Naivasha, which most of the so-called “AFRICA EXPERTS” do not cover these days to maximize their Profit shares But believe me Guys, if U don’t cover Lake Nakuru & Lake Naivasha, you do not know what an amazing Photo-Op you are missing… All in all, very Glad that I did my Africa Tour with Xploring Light

Venkatesan Selvaraj (Chennai) – The Great Migration, Masai Mara Sept 2014


Venkatesan-1 Kenya and Tanzania Testimonials

Coming to my experience of Kenya tour with Xploring Light, I would say, simply, it is an amazing experience over all and nothing to comment anything adversely.Tough the tour was titled, ‘Great Migration’, we could hardly see any migration across the river Mara; However, the Mara moments were far, far more than migration; we could enjoy every moment, with a band of Jassi being the mentor, Raffel of Kenya, the game tracker and William, the wild driver of land cruiser, who never drives the vehicle, on the track, but, of course, off the track, so that we could encounter a thrilling and nerve-chilling moments with lions, leopard and cheetah; But for these people, the trip would not have been a grand, grand success; Also, the co-participants, Suraj, Suva, Dr. Poonam were very much instrumental in enhancing the spirit of the tour – special mention to be made here to Suraj, who was my room-mate and it was pleasure staying with him; Above all, there was nowhere any hitch in accommodation, food, and transport; Only thing, which I was not comfortable on certain occasions, was, when others speak in Hindi, I could not enjoy it, being a Tamilian and of course, it is my problem and Xploring Light could do nothing on this.

Dr. Poonam Singh (New Delhi) – The Great Migration, Masai Mara Sept 2014


Poonam-1 Kenya and Tanzania Testimonials

Masai mara trip was my second go with Xploring Light the first one being Kanha photo tour earlier this year.and what a memorable experience it has been not just in terms of my endeavor to learn photography but also to visit these places as well.At the onset, I want to congratulate the Xploring Light team in carrying forward this trip despite the unanticipated Ebola threat and last moment fall- outs.It reflects a lot on the integrity and trust of a group in the future projects too. When you are travelling with Xploring Light, you are sure of all arrangements in automated perfect modes right from welcome at airport to packed meals in safari to safe and lovely resorts at all places we stayed in.One week after the trip I am quite missing feeling like a queen already.As far as photography learning goes since class attracts class, all the other participants were so much into advanced photography that you eat live and breathe photography 24×7. Be it exposure,composition,light or equipment I made everybody’s life quite miserable by my incorrigible queries on and off field.Despite being such well known figures of photography they all shared their compositions and pictures in viewfinders the kind of learning which no text book or tutorial can ever impart. Jassi even went to the extent of throwing ideas of compositions amidst those important moments of clicking.I was also trying to imbibe that finesse that was being aimed by stopping at the right places in terms of light or right angles.On a lighter note even our guide-cum-pilot became so photographically enabled that he was able to take us to the right spots. All in all, once in a lifetime experience which I would want to repeat many more times in this lifetime.Felt like a family,it was almost like a national integration where photography passionate heads from Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Mumbai and Delhi united under one roof to share one common interest photography. Long live photography.Thanks Xploring Light. Looking forwards to chase more lights around the world.