Kumbh Mela Tour Testimonials

Suvabrata Guhathakurta (Mumbai), Kumbh Mela Photo Tour 2019


Suvabrata-Guhathakurta Kumbh Mela Tour Testimonials

I had once heard one of my professors say that it’s not him or the institution that makes the student’s time worthwhile but it’s the classmates that makes the journey so special. The words are so true when one goes on one of these trips with Jassi. The participants came with varied backgrounds and from various locations with a common passion to explore and experience something unique. With the group around there was not a moment of boredom or fatigue.
This was my third trip with Jassi and like every trip before, he was outstanding as a mentor and perfect as a gentleman. Moushumee is an outstanding street photographer and if one can keep up with her energy one is sure to come home learning many tricks on the street. The way she has maintained her relationship with sadhus she met in her earlier visits to Kumbh, is a lesson on Relationship Management.
Must add that in that madness, Jassi and Moushumee ensured that we were all well fed and had some place to stay during the long cold night waiting for day break to capture the exuberance, energy, colour and spirit of Kumbh. The experiences of this trip are etched deep inside me and will stay with me for life. Thank you Xploring Light for making this happen.

James Godber (Bangalore), Kumbh Mela Photo Tour 2019


James Kumbh Mela Tour Testimonials

Great tour in a tough environment
It takes a degree of bravery to even attempt to run a photo tour at an event the size of Kumbh Mela and when faced with incomplete information and ever changing logistical difficulties. Jassi and his team adapted well to these challenges and got us in some great locations. It was a lot of fun and a great group of enthusiastic and supportive participants. Thanks to Jassi and the team – I wouldn’t have travelled without you!!

Anita Mamidi (Dubai), Kumbh Mela Photo Tour 2019


Anita Kumbh Mela Tour Testimonials

What a trip that was!
This was my first brush with Kumbh and I was blown away!
I am glad I did it with a Kumbh veteran in Moushumee and the rock solid Jassi.
While I was encouraged to push my boundaries (I learnt a lot by watching Moushumee negotaiting her way into wrangling those killer shots), I was always sure of both the mentors having my back. There was an occasion when I felt the ask was way beyond my reach and I was a sliver short of panicking. Jassi got a sense of this and extracted me from the situation.
Great photo trip with the great mentors. Not mentioning the jolly good bunch of co photographers.
It was fun!
Har Har Gangey!!!

Lucia Galan (Mexico/Gurgaon), Kumbh Mela Photo Tour 2019


Lucia Kumbh Mela Tour Testimonials

I will never forget this experience. I learned a lot of new techniques which will help me to improve my photography journey and to challenge myself in every aspects of my life.
Jassi, thank you for organizing this amazing trip and your patience. Without you I would probably never go to this amazing places. You have shown me a different India behind the lens.
Thank you for making this experience a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE!!! I will always remember this trip and all I have learned.