Exposure Demystified

Any Light. Anywhere. Any Image.

Overview of the Workshop

Do you ever struggle getting perfect light? You feel you have nailed it but results tell a different story. Capturing an image and getting the right exposure is critical. We at Xploring Light recognise exposure as the secret for giving shape to your photographic vision and making it a reality. In this workshop split into classroom and field sessions is guaranteed to to give you complete control on this critical technical aspect. Join this workshop and demystify the enigma called exposure.

Participation Fee:

Rs. 2300/-

Venue: Future Forward, O-2, 2nd Floor, Lajpat Nagar II, New Delhi

Dates: 28th to 29th May 2016

Timing: 28th May 10 AM to 1.30 PM &
29th May 7 AM to 9 AM


– Understanding Exposure Beyond the Exposure Triangle

– Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and how do they impact exposure

– Role of Metering Mode

– Practical implementation of principles of Exposure in any lighting situation


– Service Tax @14.5% is included in the price

– We have limited seats so registration will be strictly on first come first serve basis

– There is no possibility of cancellation after registration

– Registration against money transfer only

jassi Exposure Demystified

Your Workshop Mentor

Jassi Oberai