Prakash Singh

Prakash-Singh Prakash Singh

Prakash is a Sony pro photographer, UPI Gold Medal winner, Finalist – Sony World Photography Award 2015 and HAIDA Brand ambassador.

His work has been published on several websites and magazines including Digital Photographer, Camerapixo, Livemint, to name a few.

Prakash was born & brought up in Kolkata, India and moved to Dubai in 2006. This is where he started his digital photography journey in 2012. He is an art lover and grew up being around art be it painting, playing music or playing with his dad’d film camera. He doesn’t believe in images straight out of the camera as he says “Photography is the world where he is free from the busy materialistic life, this is a medium where I can express my feelings my thoughts, so once I take an image I go through it several times to showcase my expression”.

Prakash is a person who wants to enjoy all the genre of photography as he says “if you haven’t done it you are missing the fun of it” but his favorite types are Landscape, Wildlife, Architecture, Black & White Fine Art photography.

Prakash believes in sharing the knowledge and for the same reason he along with his friend, Akhter started a photography group called ‘UAE Landscapers’, where they regularly host photography related walks, talks & workshops.