Quintessential Bali Testimonials

Naveen Kumar (Dubai): – Quintessential Bali, May 2018


Naveen Quintessential Bali Testimonials

When you decide to attend a second photo tour in a year with the same mentor, it is pretty obvious. I did Iceland with Jassi last september and hence knew what i could expect. And yes, everything lived up to the expectation and more than that too. More than just making sure all arrangements are in place, Jassi is a great mentor. The only problem was, when everything was done perfectly, i dont know what to write, other than saying Thank you Jassi. So where are we heading next?

Monika Roy (Kolkotta): – Quintessential Bali, May 2018


Minika Quintessential Bali Testimonials

If you are planning on a photo tour, your search ends here –  Jassi Oberai of XploringLight has fine-tuned the art of photo-travel to a level where you need not worry about anything more than your photography gear and getting your shots right. The tour was organized seamlessly from the moment we landed at Bali airport. Apart from ensuring to wake up at 3.25 am to make it “just in time” for the 3.30 am scheduled departure – I had no other worries on this 8 day trip.
A travel enthusiast, my interest in photography is fairly recent & targeted to capture my experiences. Hence I chose “Quintessential Bali” as my first group tour/photo tour of any kind, perfect blend of my old & new love – travel & photography. And I could not have asked for a better mentor than Jassi who opened my eyes to the surreal beauty of landscape photography. Completely unfamiliar with the use of filters, I learnt a lot on this tour from the ever patient Jassi who would take time to answer unending queries, help with shot composition, explain when things were not going right and even lent me a filter for the trip when I unfortunately broke one on the first day – that’s how helpful he is.
Also mention worthy are the other details of the trip like arranging a snorkeling day in the beautiful coral island of Nusa Penida which was complete bliss to a water loving person like me, the beautiful stay’s in the exotic villas & homestay’s, the beautiful locales which Jassi’s research & legwork helped us to shoot at. This trip opened my eyes to a different side of Bali which I had previously viewed as a party place only. I look forward to discovering and re-discovering many such destinations with Jassi and XploringLight.

Ajit Rana (Gurgaon): – Quintessential Bali, May 2018


Ajit-Rana- Quintessential Bali Testimonials

Having been once earlier on a photo tour with Jassi (Holi at Nandgaon), and knowing his way of functioning, I was quite sure that I would enjoy this one as well.  The exception here was that I had with me, my 80 year old father (from whom I learnt photography) and my 20 year old son who is learning photography.

From Jassi’s expertise and talks during the car journeys, to hands on showing techniques of using filters for landscape photography, to choosing great locations for photography, to ensuring everyone was on time, well fed and generally happy, it all happened in these 9 days.  I had some minor issues with air conditioning but nothing that could ruin this otherwise great photo tour.
Jassi was most accommodating in every way, even when my father had a fall and needed medical diagnosis and looking into the well being of everyone.  I have been on a photo tour with Nikon’s Mentor Series which was also great but the difference is that what Jassi does, he does with heart.  And this makes a big difference!  Keep up the passion and the great work.  So where are we off to next Jassi Paaji?

W V K Krishna Shankar (New Delhi): – Quintessential Bali, May 2018


W-V-K-Krishna-Shankar- Quintessential Bali Testimonials

This was the first time I have gone on a tour with Xploring Light. I am so glad that I went on the “Quintessential Bali Tour” with Jassi Oberai. The travel and stay arrangements were great and very comfortable. The professional approach was evident from the detailed planning that Jassi made for each location for each day. He made us feel very comfortable so that we could focus on learning the landscape photography during the entire trip. At each location he would spend time with each participant to check on the approach being adopted and where necessary he not only gave corrective suggestions but also explained the nuances of particular compositions.

Jassi is a true mentor. Not only did he encourage all of us to ask queries, he was patient while responding to even most basic questions. Land travel times were also used to discuss photography. The insights he shared really inspired everyone to do more. Undoubtedly he is a tough task master when photography is concerned and getting up every day at 3 AM did not seem difficult. Feet were swollen by the fourth day but hey there were many a fun moment in the trip. Met some wonderful people on this tour and I came away with a great amount of learning from Jassi.

Thank you Jassi Oberai for an incredible learning experience. In addition to being a great mentor you are also a wonderful human being with whom I could connect. Thank you my friend. I know I can reach out to you when ever I encounter a doubt in my photography journey.

Rajesh Rohira (Mumbai) – Quintessential Bali, May 2017


Rajesh-rohira Quintessential Bali Testimonials

This was a first for me with Xploring Light – Jassi Oberai – All arrangements were, well in place – with the basics like airport transfers / Stay / Local transportation/ Guide and Driver / Itinerary etc,etc.
The pluses for me was the amount of effort Jassi put in teaching and ensuring we covered not only the sights on the schedule but a couple extras . Technically very sound – learnt a lot more about landscape and portrait photography and of course armed with his NISI pack of filters I learnt a lot about Long Exposures. Overall a very rewarding tour – am looking forward to the next one . Thanks to Xploring Light