Holi Hai! Testimonials

Amit Agarwal (Kolkatta): -Holi Hai 2019


Amit-Agarwal Holi Hai! Testimonials

This was my first photo tour which I went along with others mentored by Jassi Oberai Sir & Rajneesh Panwar Sir. The whole experience was amazing. The way everything pan out was excellent… from planning to execution, from guidance & looking after us was awesome. I learned a lot during the tour. Our mentors look after us from every aspects. The tour planning was done well in advance. Briefing was done daily before & after we came back from the day’s work. I understood the nuisance of photography from them. They reviewed our sample clicks & shared their views on how we could have done it differently. Given their passion of capturing moments & simultaneously not forgetting that everyone needs to be together in such crowded places..Hopefully, in future we will get an opportunity to be together of such memorable tours…Thank you for everything..

Rupak Banerjee (Kolkatta): -Holi Hai 2019


rupak Holi Hai! Testimonials

What an experience!!!
Words can’t express my gratitude for this amazing photo tour at Vrindavan in this HOLI! Thank you for all your work and coaching and fierce attention to details to make this a spectacular trip. This experience reinvigorated my love of photography. I learned new skills and delighted in the spiritual experience. The group experience and the time spent making pictures – priceless!

Jassi Sir and Rajneesh Sir do an excellent job of researching each shooting location, nearby villages that would be interesting to photograph, good places to eat with a wide selection of food and very comfortable places to stay.

It is important for people to have a good basic understanding of their camera and gear. The added bonus is both of they are very good at determining where we are photographically and to make suggestions to move us forward from that point. They also have several ideas in mind to challenge the whole group.

Photography has been my passion for a long time and both of they really have helped me a lot to improve.

This my 1st workshop/ photo tour, they taught me how to work on a portrait, taking multiple photos from many different angles and with different settings to get out of the comfort zones. We work hard but at the same time it is a very enjoyable experience. “Jassi jaisi koi nehi.. & Rajneesh: Dada tusi great ho..”

Arman Haron (Malaysia) -Holi Hai! (Feb 2018)


Arman-Haron-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

Great coverage of Holi festivities .. fantastic photography experience and opportunities guided by top Indian professional photographers .. fine personalities  .. felt completely at home with their warmth friendship and great company !!

Jennifer Poliakov (Tel Aviv, Israel) -Holi Hai! (Feb 2018)


Jennifer-Poliako Holi Hai! Testimonials

I’m smiling now, while writing my testimonial, what memories, places and people I were so fortunate to be surrounded with. I can’t say enough about Rajneesh and his team. I wanted to take a photo tour for many years, and I am so glad that I’ve decided to go with Xploring Light team. The knowledge of the local area, the professional photo guidance, the extra-detailed planning that goes into each day- is evident and perfect. The conversations over dinners and during our tour are of great value, and though I am thrilled with the photos I was able to capture, the value of trip like this, can’t be measured in photos alone. The team (Rajneesh, Sanjay and Sahil) made my experience of a true value and simply incredible one, shared with an amazing group of people from all around the world. I feel so privileged and grateful for the opportunity to attend this amazing photo tour and I’m already planning another tour with those awesome guys!

Cindy Sutherland (British Columbia, Canada) -Holi Hai! (Feb 2018)


Cindy-Sutherland Holi Hai! Testimonials

While conducting research for our tour of India I came across the Xploring Light website.  Since my husband is an avid amateur photographer I thought this might be a nice thing to do while in India.  It wasn’t just nice, it was an incredible experience.  From booking to paying (sorry about the bank transfer fiasco Jassi!) to going all was done with care and professionalism.  Sanjay’s organizing was impeccable and the 3 days of Rang Leela — Holi — experience was absolutely exhilarating! If you are thinking about booking a tour with Xploring Light — Don’t hesitate…..Do it!

Dino Adriano Palazi (Doha) -Holi Hai! (March 2017)


Dino-Adriano-Palazi Holi Hai! Testimonials

I took this tour 3 years in a row. And all with Xploring Light who are the best in the field. It is intense, safe and well planned by passionated people. I would take It again. Technically, I came back with my cards full of colorful portrait, environmental scenes of the colorful celebrations and some nice street pictures as well. But the most important part is that came back with lots of new friends sharing the same interest.

Dr. Sarah Richardson (New Delhi) -Holi Hai! (March 2017)


Dr.-Sarah-Richardson Holi Hai! Testimonials

I have now done two tours with Xploring Light – the first to Pushkar Camel Festival in 2016 and the second to Barsana and Nandgaon for Holi Celebrations (Rang Leela) in 2017. I would highly recommend Xploring Light tours for the combination of a supportive group of like-minded people, great organisation of logistics, good insights and advice on photographic techniques from real experts and the opportunity to enjoy truly spectacular cultural experiences. As an introvert who much prefers solo travel to anything involving groups, I had a great deal of trepidation about joining a tour but my fears proved unfounded. I was also worried that my relatively low level of photographic expertise would set me apart but in fact found that skills of group members varied wildly and there was no sense of snobbery among those with the greatest amount of talent and expertise. On a practical level, there are places where a solo white woman can find travel challenging and the ability to be part of a group – as well as having the opportunity to wander off and do my own thing – proved the perfect combination in situations that would have been difficult to handle alone. All in all, I cannot speak highly enough of Xploring Light tours and would not hesitate to recommend them to others. And I hope that Jassi puts on tours to some other destinations (Hint Jassi – I would love to go to Nagaland!)


Dr. Shalabh Gupta (Varanasi) -Holi Hai! (March 2017)


Dr.-Shalabh-Gupta-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

I am a surgeon and a hobbyist photographer based in Varanasi . I went with Xploring Light to the lathmaar holi at Barsana and Nandgaon this year. It was my first ever photography tour and I cannot praise Jassi and Sanjay enough. We had a comprehensive pre tour briefing and were supplied with protection for our cameras.
The guidance and the depth of local knowledge was amazing. We had an amazing group of people with us in our tour and I was among the novices and so got to learn a lot and have hopefully made a few friends.
I would highly recommend Xploring Light to anybody wanting to have a new experience and wanting to advance their photography.
Once again- a big thank you to Jassi and Sanjay Nanda for all their efforts and care.

Swarup Chatterjee (Gurgaon) -Holi Hai! (March 2017)


Dr.-Shalabh-Gupta Holi Hai! Testimonials

This was my second time in a row to Rang Leela tour.
My subject of photography is people… their emotions and their body languages from all across….
Every year I look forward to this trip as during this time human emotions in this part of the world are at peak. In fact its electric.
Managing an organised photo trip to such locations particularly during such times is very challenging – unless you know the place well. I think this team does it in style.

Manfred Mueller (Canada) -Holi Hai! (March 2017)


Manfred-Mueller Holi Hai! Testimonials

Visiting India and photographing during holi is something that was on my “to do” list for a very long time.  Now thanks to Jassi and XploringLight, my wish has come true, and not only did I get a chance to photograph during holi, but at the largest and oldest one in India.

This is something for everyone; some street photography, some architecture and of course ample opportunity for event photography!

Now for the “bad news”.  This trip was very demanding both physically and mentally.  We were out shooting all day in crowded and tough shooting conditions.   To say that the places were extremely crowded would be an understatement.  Add to that coloured gulal and coloured water flying everywhere (and from any direction including from above).   The cameras had to be be in rain covers that made it challenging so look through the view finder and work the camera controls.  Gun and run photography at its finest!

Thanks Jassi – the trip certainly exceeded my expectations!

Ajit Rana (Gurgaon) –Holi Hai! – March 2017


Ajit-Rana-Gugaon Holi Hai! Testimonials

After having seen pictures of this “mad” Holi, it was something I clearly wanted to experience and photograph.  This tour organised by Jassi and Sanjay was better than expected.  One quickly developed a level of familiarity with everyone, specially the mentors which is crucial to enjoy such an experience.  Everything was organised in a situation where organising even a cup of tea would not be easy because of the nature of the location and the chaos caused by the event itself.  The splitting into smaller groups, the endless headcounts, the tips on saving ones camera and of course photography suggestions seemed to bring a lot of order in this chaos!  Having never been to Barsana and Nandgaon, Holi here can prove to be overwhelming but when I was actually in the situation, I knew what I had to do and how to do it because of the detailed briefs given to us by Jassi and Sanjay.  For these guys, its not just about the organising and the execution but they also get into the zone and enjoy the “tamasha” as much as a first timer.
I’ll be back for another photo adventure with you guys now that I know how much fun it can be!  Good people, good organising, everything good.

Garima Garg (New Delhi) –Holi Hai! – March 2017


Garima-Delhi Holi Hai! Testimonials

This was my first photo tour with Xploring Light and I am very happy that I chose them.

Rang Leela, in itself, is a very challenging one. Thanks to the efforts of Jassi, Rajneesh and Sanjay, it was a smooth and an enjoyable ride. We spent the first and the third day in Nandgaon while the second day was in Barsana. The itinerary was planned to ensure we got to see both Lathmar event as well as temple celebrations.

The participants were a nice mix of advanced and beginner photographers from all over the world. That is another aspect of travelling with LCA that makes them special.

Lastly, from hotel arrangements to providing daily refreshments for photo walks, everything was awesome.

LCA photo tours are the complete package. You learn a lot about photography, you make friends and most importantly, you get to have an amazing time!

Ravinder Gang (Gurgaon) –Holi Hai! March 2016


Ravinder-Dang Holi Hai! Testimonials

“When you travel with Jassi Oberoi and Sanjay Nanda, you can be sure that they have worked out  the trip to the last detail. The logistics are well planned the facilities are good and they know their stuff when it comes to photography.  The icing on the cake is the group you travel with.  They are likely to surprise you with passion and talent for photography and you come back making many new friends and learning a lot from the way they shot the pictures of the same situations, you were looking at. I am looking forward to travelling with them in the future as I pursue my passion for photography”

Hamni Juni (Malaysia) –Holi Hai! March 2016


Hamni-juni Holi Hai! Testimonials

I joined the “Rang Leela” phototour in March 2016. It was an organized photo trip to Barsana and Nandgaon, two villages of great cultural and historical significance. In those locations, every year the unique Lath Mar Holi ceremony is celebrated. The tour is organized as a joint venture of Xploring Light & Indipix. This event in general and their service in particular are extremely popular, but they manage to meet the demand by dividing a huge group of 45 into 7-8 smaller subgroups, where each group gets a guidance from a separate leader. Every participant, either a professional photographer, an experienced amateur or a beginner with a 100$ pocket camera, will be able to benefit from those trips. I hope to be lucky enough to return next year.

Dr. Vimal Hemani (Rajkot) –Holi Hai! March 2016


Vimal Holi Hai! Testimonials

It was my 3rd trip in last 9 months with Jassi and Xploring Light. This time it was Barsana, Nandgaon and Vrindavan during the festivals of Holi. I was like a newborn kid in photography before I started attending photography tours with Jassi. Now, I feel like I learned something in the world of photography with him. It took me years to find my visual voice, my style and get comfortable in my clicks. I can say for certain Jassi is the one who can show you how to grow in a new place. During the workshop time, he was a total open book, nothing was off limits and he really wanted to maximize our time to address whatever was most important to us. My dear friends, if you are an amateur like me or a professional photographer, join Jassi and Xploring Light and you will realise what all new you learnt in their photo-tours and workshops. I would like to thank our mentors Sanjay Nanda jee (Indipix), Pooja Rajput, Kabeer Lal and all the participants. I would specially like to thank Gabru group leader Dr Rajneesh Panwar and all the group members for making this trip a memorable one.

Kajan Madrasmail (Singapore) –Holi Hai! March 2016


Kajan Holi Hai! Testimonials

Photographing the colourful “Holi” festival was my dream and I happened to witness through Xploring Light. I didn’t expect and imagine the happiness and festive mood as it was celebrated in Barsana, Nandgaon and Vrindavan. “Raadhe Raadhe……!!”, “Raadha Raani ki Jai…….!!”, still it sounds to my ears.
When I had planned to join for “Holi”, I got to know about Xploring Light through my photography friend who is living in Bangkok and that’s how I started communicating with Jassi about the trip. I would like to thank him from bottom of my heart for his prompt and detailed communication as and when needed.
Then, I got introduced to Sanjay from IndiPix Images. His pre-tour presentation was simply awesome. His Tips and Plans based on the previous experience were really helpful and I learnt small lessons by skipping some tips as well 🙂
Everything was well executed. I would really recommend anyone from worldwide to join with these friendly guys to witness the colourful celebration. I am looking forward to join in the future as well. Cheers!

Abhishek Dhakate (Nagpur) –Holi Hai! March 2016


Abhishek-dhakate Holi Hai! Testimonials

And yet another great learning experience for me with Xploring Light and Jassi Oberai.! From almost a year I wanted to go for Rang Leela and finally this year it was possible. This is one of the most intense tours that I had heard of. And yes it indeed is. The shooting atmosphere on this particular tour is completely different from the rest. Body and the mind is put to a test in this. I have been shooting mostly in controlled atmosphere till now. But here you barely have any control over the things that are happening around you. And there is so much of action happening everywhere around you. So to isolate a subject and click it with all this happening around you is indeed a tough job. At times there is so much of colour and water being poured from everywhere that you cant even look in the view finder. As I returned from the tour I learnt to shoot better in controlled atmospheres. This tour was just a great learning experience for me and it brought me out of my ‘Black and White’ nutshell. Thanks to Jassi for planning and executing it so perfectly. 3 days of fun with learning, well that what being a Light Chaser is all about.! 🙂 We learn and have fun too..! Cheers…

Sonali Devnani (Hong Kong) –Holi Hai! March 2016


Sonali-Devnani Holi Hai! Testimonials

An experience of a lifetime!
The Rang Leela tour convinced me long before the dates to the tour were even announced ..Even a back to back travel schedule didn’t dampen my plans  from attending the most intensive tour Xploring Light have to offer …  early mornings to 12 hours dedicated to the camera .Long bus rides filled with laughs conversations and sharing stories about one another . It wasn’t only a tour that taught us the history and the rich culture of why the festival of colours is celebrated in such a grand manner but a great gastronomical one as well … Kullad teas, piping hot kachoris and lot more .. After having learnt there were 45 of us I was a bit apprehensive on how we would be able to coordinate ourselves amongst the Thousands of pilgrims that came to the village ,  I have to say the tour was so well organised by both Sanjay ji and Jassi and well led by our team leaders that there wasn’t a day that I didn’t get back to my hotel room full of praises for all the hard work that they put in just for the participants to be comfortable. Strangers became friends within hours . chit chats and gossip sessions with the infamous Gabru gang . A special thanks to our team leader Rajneesh for helping us stay united as a group .. The finest of details were paid attention to and a long and informative brief only helped to get us accustomed to the new surroundings .This was my second tour with Xploring Light and the first one presented me with great photos , loads of knowledge friends that have now become a part of my daily life and moments that still make me chuckle when I think about them … I would definitely go back on the tours that I’ve previously attended with newer challenges and goes without saying that the places I haven’t explored are already on the travel itinerary for the year ..
Last but not the least the personable approach that Jassi ji leads the tour with is commendable . Thank you for having us to be a part of these memorable trips and look forward to making many more of such memories .

Satheesh Nair (Doha, Qatar) –Holi Hai! March 2016


Satheesh-Nair-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

India is the heaven for photographers with its richness in culture and colours and Holi is the congregation of these colours and culture at one place, Vrindavan. It was my dream to shoot Holi at Vrindavan as is the dream of most of the photographers around the globe. It was not easy to plan a lone trip to Vrindavan as we do to any other places. A lot of things to be taken care of; personal protection in the crowd, camera protection, places to visit, events to attend.. a lot..


One of my friends told me about Xploring Light and introduced me to Jassi Oberoi  via Facebook. From there on, I was amazed by the wonderful support from Jassi and the professionalism in all dealings. The online pre-tour briefing by Sanjay Nanda was exceptional. It was crisp and clear leaving no confusion in the minds of participants.


The ‘Rang Leela’ group was of about 45 people. Definitely 45 is a big number for photography trip. But the way they managed the group shows the real professionalism. The big group was divided to 6 small groups of 7 to 8 people, each subgroup headed by a professional mentor. Special thanks to Mr Kabir Lal, my mentor, for all the support and guidance and the good company of all the other friends in the group.


Overall, it was a great experience with a talented team of photographers including professional and amateurs.

Looking forward to be part of the future photo trips and workshops with Xploring Light. Decided to ‘Passion my Life’ 🙂


Wish you all success!

Belinda Bath (Hong Kong)Holi Hai! March 2016 


Belinda-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

I decided to take a leap of faith and make the journey to India to visit & photograph the Holi festival (a long held experience I have wanted to have).
I arrived in Delhi on my on my own and after a 3.30am start the next day met our wonderful group for the first time.
Lead by Jassi Oberai and Sanjay Nanda it was the start of 3 amazing but exhausting days.
I was in Group 3, lead by Kabeer Lal and 6 other wonderful photographers Avinash, Kajan, Satheesh, Sreerag, and Vinod.
All from different parts of the world but brought together by a shared love of photography.
So many great moments and experiences were had along the way, new friendships were made and just the joy of interacting with the children and people of Barsana, Nandgaon and Vrindavan made it even more special.
Thank you XploringLight for such a memorable experience. I still can’t roll my tongue when saying Radhe/Radhi, but I will practice!
It’s the people you meet and their stories that enrich your life.

Luba Fein (Tel Aviv, Israel)Holi Hai! March 2016 


Luba-Fein-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

I recently joined the Rang Leela Holi phototour organized by Xploring Light and Indipix, and it is a must do for any ethnic & geographic photography enthusiast. The tour, which lasted 3 days and has taken place in remote villages, was lead by Jassi and Sanjay, two experienced Indian photographers with broad and deep cultural knowledge. During those intensive three days, I got an opportunity to take several thousands of unique shots, which I had no chance to get otherwise due to this festival’s extreme conditions.
Besides the photography related advantages of this tour, it was also an enjoyable social event. Our tour leaders managed to quickly unite total strangers from completely different countries and turn us into friends who kept communicating on FB and sharing their art and photography secrets.
I highly recommend this tour and will definitely join their future phototrips.

Vinod Kumar M. (Dubai)Holi Hai! March 2016 


Vinod-Kumar Holi Hai! Testimonials

I came with a double mind for Holi with little or no clue on what to expect more than colors… 
The first shock came to me when i sat in my plane all ready for take off… I forgot my camera charger with the extra battery that was kept for charging…. in an instant i saw myself sending a WhatsApp message to Jassi, whom I have never met before in my life… and was requesting him to get me a new one, even if I had to pay for this….. he said he will try his level best.. upon landing in Delhi i receive the WhatsApp message from him saying , he has organised one for for me.. and that I don’t have to pay for it just to return after usage… Thus my Holi trip started…. From there on there was no turning back.. new friends were made… few lessons were learned… found that India has many places which has to be developed more…. swam in the colors of Holi… and was able to take a solid shot of a girl… 
Ask me if i will go back for Holi… am double minded as it took me two days to take the colors out of my nostril… lol… But definitely if I am planning to go for any tour, the people I will be checking with will be Jassi and team.. Jassi , Sanjay, Kabeer, Pooja, Rajneesh… along with my Orange team… made me understand Photography has no boundaries… 
let the spirit of Photographers stay high.

Mihir Shah (Mumbai)Holi Hai! March 2016 


Mihir-shah-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

Radhe … Radhe…
Yes… It’s True I am still high on the Rang Leela Holi Celebrations I witnessed at Barsana, Nandgaon and surprisingly at Vrindavan as well.
It was probably my good fortune to decide to go ahead with the Rang Leela Holi Photography Tour with Xploring Light and Indipix. I had many options for the tour but proper details and opportunity to be with Jassi Sir, was what inclined me to joining the tour and I am really happy of my decision.
The hour long Skype briefing by Sanjayji and detailed email prepared us on what was to be expected.
Once in Delhi and on the way… it was really rock and roll… All arrangements were perfectly done. All instructions were perfect and clear. The Group leaders support added the strength. The Group was mix of experienced, ameature, professional and hobbyist from all across the world and this added some awesome insights..
I will strongly recommend all to visit at least visit once and yes… with Xploring Light…. !!!

Caleb Kenna (USA)Holi Hai!v March 2016 


Caleb-Kenna Holi Hai! Testimonials

Great Holi photo tour with Jassi and Sanjay! They really prepared us well in terms of protecting our cameras, ourselves and knowing what to expect in terms of conditions and photography. Lots of fun and highly recommended! Only comment would be to leave Delhi at end of the day before and stay in Vrindavan before first day and perhaps skip third day in Vrindavan. All in all a great trip!

Yamen Haddad (Dubai)Holi Hai! March 2016 


Yamen-Haddad Holi Hai! Testimonials

Well, We’re back home and getting our clocks back adjusted to this side of the world. I wanted to take a minute and THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING!
Thank you Xploring Light so much for arranging an amazing trip, I have spoke wonders about my trip to everyone I have seen since I got back. Thumbs up Jassi, Sanjay and your team for the great work.
Special thanks to FSO for the great Holi trip, I would like to say thank you Lal Nallath for making our trip so wonderful, thanks for your efforts, everything was beautiful and spectacular. Looking forward for the next trip with you.

Tapan Sheth (Rajkot)Holi Hai! March 2016 


Tapen-Seth Holi Hai! Testimonials

“FABULOUS” is the only word comes to my mind when I start to write review about this tour. I was always amazed by photos of Holi festival in this particular region, and got a chance to move on with Xploring Light & Indipix. I must thank Jassi ji & Sanjay sir for their arrangements.The best ever – whether it’s food, accommodation and guidance, just PERFECT. Their follow up, their team work and everything was in perfect place, during the tour also each and every participant and even team leaders were outstanding. I have learnt so many new things from them. Though I met them for the first time, but it was like we are knowing each other since long. How I forgot to mention our very own GABRU Gang. Rajneesh the perfect team leader ;). and all the members of Gabru ROCKS. I strongly recommend Xploring Light !! Looking forward for future tour as well !



Shilpi Choudhury (Holi Hai!, March 2014)


Shilpi Holi Hai! Testimonials

Had a blast. Thank you guys



Charu Chauhan (Holi Hai!, March 2014)


Charu-Chuhan Holi Hai! Testimonials

I enjoyed every bit of time that I spent there. One experience I will always cherish.. I loved the colors, fun, atmosphere, kachodis and the spirit of Holi. Luckily I went there and met such good team. I haven’t been able to come out of the feel of the place.



Vishal Gulati (Holi Hai!, March 2014)


Vishal-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

Thank you Xploring Light!
Last week, I participated in your Photo Tour “Rang De” to Barsana and Nandgaon. It had been a mesmerising experience for me; I had never imagined that Holi could be so fun and exciting. It was a colourful treat to the eyes.
Thanks Mr. Jasminder Singh and Mr. Sanjay Nanda – the mentors of our photo journey for providing a wonderful guided tour of the villages; your vast experience and knowledge really mattered for this challenging trip. The walk along the colourful village with you and the team members is of immense learning experience and great fun!I must also thank you for the great stay that had been provided there; the hotel and the facilities were very comfortable.When I came back, I am enriched with wonderful memories to cherish and lovely friends – the best people in the industry.
My best wishes to Xploring Light for your exciting venture. Cheers!



Nitin Arjun (Holi Hai!, March 2014)


Nitin-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

Thanks you so much for a super trip and a great experience. You planned everything meticulously and this trip couldn’t have been possible without your guidance. Look forward to more such trips.


Ravinder Dang (Holi Hai!, March 2014)


Ravinder-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

Sanjay & Jassi: Sanjay Nanda is a regular at Nandgaon & Barsana. He knows the streets, the people the mithai shops et al. His appraoch is “if you miss a shot today, don’t worry you can always come back, this place is just 3 hours from Delhi’
I attended Sanjay’s photo course earlier this year and he is no-nonsense chap. A composition fanatic and not many pictures can run past him without he raising an eye brow about a misplaced element or a suggestion for another approach. Also, Sanjay leverages the camera technology better than other folks he does not romanticize the manual mode. “work on aperture priority, get the dynamic ISO setting in place & focus on composition” is his way of life.
Jassi, followed his dad into photography. He comes from the school of hard knocks and started his journey during the film & SLR days. He’s driven in his own silent ways, runs the Indian School of photography and is a hot- shot with the Canon folks in India. His work on Pushkar is often mentioned in various conversations I have been privy to. I had been to his photoshop course and he had done a pretty good job with it. Some of the stuff you are seeing in the attached album is thanks to his helping with learning post processing better. Jassi in my books is the ever smiling nice guy, wanted to help fellow folks, if he can.
Why all this eulogizing? It’s not difficult to figure out. I am back from one of the most exciting photo-tours I have ever done. And had it not been for these folks, I wouldn’t be there. So thank you Sanjay & Jassi.

Ankit Sharma (Holi Hai!, March 2014)


Ankit-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

The BEST HOLI EVER! Thanks to Sanjay and Jasminder for organising it and an amazing group of photographers. It was great to meet you all. good company definitely made the trip more amazing.

Mukesh Singh (Raurkela)-Holi Hai! 2015


Mukesh-Singh-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

It was really a wonderful experience with you, specially the mentors how they guide me its really really very good. Will love to join in your next photo tour

Bireswar Pati (Rajgangpur) -Holi Hai! 2015


Bireswar-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

Wonderful experience. Was an opportunity for me to learn a lot from all of you guyz. Thanks everyone. Sanjay sir and Jasminder sir, thanks a lot. Will love to be a part of it once again coming year.

Julián Hernández (Hong Kong) -Holi Hai! 2015


Julian-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

Once again, thank you for everything.
It was an amazing experience and I’m not only looking forward to repeat it, but also to recommend it to other friends as well.
See you around!

Shyamak Das (Gurgaon) -Holi Hai! 2015


Shyamak-Das-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

It truly was a memorable experience and the loads of fun..Thank you and Jasminder Sir for taking such good care of all of us!! And the leads Rajneesh and Pooja, both of you were awesome..All of you “Rock”

Dr. Amitabh Kumar (New Delhi) -Holi Hai! 2015


Amitabh-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

This was my first photography tour and i enjoyed it. I had heard about the mentors a lot and there pictures of Barsana and Nandgaon speaks them a lot. I learnt a lot from the tour starting from framing to catching the ongoing moments on the streets. Thanks Jasminder Oberoi, Sanjay Nanda and Rajneesh for the guidance. I am looking forward for more tours like this to take my photography to next level with Xploring Light.

Sreeranj Sridhar (Dubai) -Holi Hai! 2015


Sreeranj-1 Holi Hai! Testimonials

Me and 3 of our photography team mates from Dubai joined XploringLight on their Braj Bhoomi Holi festival event photography event from 27,28 Feb, 1 March. We were very happy with the arrangements made in terms of accommodation, food and our transportation. The pre-tour updates by the organizers was very informative and to take appropriate preparation for our trip in terms of gear protection, clothing and belongings. We had a wonderful time and thankful to Jassi Oberai for his prompt response to our constant nagging with doubts on this tour. Being a photographer, you need to have guidance on the location, vantage point to get the best shots you can anticipate and dream of. So in this aspect, previous knowledge and experience from the organizers was a good help for us. I would recommend my friends to participate in their future programs and I too would be joining them soon. Wish Xploring Light team all the very best..