Whispering Iceland Testimonials

Sandeep Mathur (New Delhi) – Whispering Iceland and Norway Sept 2018


Sandeep Whispering Iceland Testimonials

I had lived the Norway-Lofoten dream for quite some time now. When Xploring Light announced an extension to Norway after their Iceland Tour, I signed up immediately. Since I had already done the Iceland Photo Tour with Xploring Light in 2017 I more or less knew what to expect from Jassi and Prakash. The trip was action packed from the very start, shooting sunrises, scouting locations for night shoots, post-processing sessions, shooting sunsets and then up almost every night shooting relentless Aurora ! If you are considering a photography trip to Iceland and/or Norway, then Xploring Light and UAE Landscapers are the obvious choice !

Dr. Poonam Singh (New Delhi) – Whispering Iceland and Norway Sept 2018


poonam Whispering Iceland Testimonials

Far beyond my expectations!


This must be the longest time I have taken in assimilating thoughts for writing testimonial for a tour and that too when Xploring Light and UAE Landscapers deserve it totally as it has truly been the trip of my life!

The arctic wonders Iceland and Lofoten Islands are not routine touristy places neither for photography nor in terms of weather conditions,apparel and certain other emergency measures and it was pretty cool to use prior experience of mentors Jassi Oberai and Prakash Kumar Singh who seemed to know the places like the back of their hand.Prior meeting was called to gear up for know how of the region and every bit of nuance listed regarding camera equipment etc. which will be needed there taking participants from other towns in loop through WhatsApp chat board so we had become one cosy family even before the tour started.

Iceland and Lofoten being close to North Pole have unanticipated weather variations. I really do not how our mentors managed their logistics financially and i still marvel at their passion how they tried every possible way to ensure that we all manage to shoot sunrise and sunsets on all falls -geysers-lagoons-glacier-beach-fjord and perfectionists that they are they wanted us to take images from all possible directions,east side,west side,from the base and what not.I remember we even revisited some locations to get a rainbow or a particular cloud texture and also covering the entire ring road in Iceland driving 3000 kms plus in as many days.They categorically knew every site on the map as to which is an ideal place for a perfect sunrise or a sunset shot also getting recent updates from mobile applications all the time so that we are bang there at the right hour. Jassi and Prakash complement each other perfectly almost like handling baton to the other in turns in whatever area they were managing.We saw northern lights so many times with every possible composition of mountain or a reflective lake in its full glory that it almost seemed like watching a routine sunrise/sunset and that was not sheer chance that we could sight it so often.I could see a lot of persistent meticulous planning in the background searching for those spots whether being abreast with the kpa of aurora or cloud coverage staying constantly in touch with native photographers with whom our mentors shared great rapport.

I am a solo traveller and this being a self drive flexible fun trip I had the leverage of well organised arrangements but a lot of independence too whenever I willed it.I had expectations of just few decent images since the technicalities of long exposure photography using ND filters seemed cumbersome and needs a lot of patience but we got to practice so much of it there that I can really boast I am hooked to landscapes and LE now.

I have beautiful memories of lovely hotel-guesthouse stays and I have noticed that Xploring Light and UAE Landscapers have a knack of assembling best people from all over the world as participants.So at the end of the day,we would all sing and make merry mixed with long and serious photography sessions or on other days hit the best restaurants with food so tasty I can still feel it on my palate.

My paradigm of solo-travels and short-sweet travels seems to have shifted to group travels and longer stays after I have made friends from whom I learned so much photography and life!

Rajat Sethi (Noida) –Whispering Iceland and Norway Sept 2018


rajat_noida-1 Whispering Iceland Testimonials

Even though I had been to Iceland before, I was motivated to visit this magical place again with a group of like minded photographers so that I can improve my landscape photography skills! This tour justified my faith in both my decision as well as in our mentors, Jassi and Prakash! The one thing that stood out was their passion and keenness to make us experience the magic that we had all signed on for! We were literally chasing the northern lights with Xploring Light and were not disappointed as we were able to have our fill of this magical spectacle and photograph it with diverse foregrounds of snow mountains, waterfalls and lakes! Jassi and Prakash were always there to mentor us on the right camera settings, locations and long exposures! While Iceland was a magical experience, Norway was a truly mystical experience and its beauty was far beyond our expectations. By the end of the trip we were all one big family singing, drinking and making merry together! We made friends for life and parted with fond memories! Thank you for a memorable tour and we can’t wait to go with you guys on our next adventure!

Puja Bansal (Agra) – Whispering Iceland, Sept 2017


Puja-Bansal Whispering Iceland Testimonials

Without doubt, the best holiday I ever had was this photo tour around Iceland with Xploring Light.  Travel really opens up your perspective and make you see things and life from a different angle. Iceland was a total enigma. Every day unfolded its own mystery and  experiences with breath taking sights , that were so different from anything I had ever encountered.
I was an absolute first timer with my camera … but our mentor Jassiji and my fellow travellers never made me feel so.

Naveen Kumar (Dubai) – Whispering Iceland, Sept 2017


Naveen-Kumar Whispering Iceland Testimonials

Been wanting to go to Iceland for a while and glad i did that with Jassi. He is a very humorous person, whom you get along more as a friend than a mentor. Shares the small nuances of photography and also his composition and other parameters to get that perfect shot. Looking forward to another trip with Jassi and Xploring Light.

Sandeep Mathur (New Delhi) – Whispering Iceland, Sept 2017


Sandeep-Mathur Whispering Iceland Testimonials

Just when the idea of visiting Iceland was germinating in my mind, and started researching, I came across an advert by Xploring Light for a Photo tour of Iceland. This appeared to be a divine intervention to be able to visit my dream destination and at the same time to practice my craft alongside a great photographer like Jassi Oberai. The tour was complete – providing all the opportunities to the participants to photograph most of the epic destinations of Iceland. It was hectic, hard and adventurous and I wouldn’t have liked to be anything else. Add to this a great bunch of like minded participants who would not think twice about waking up for a sunrise shot at 5 am after going to be bed at 2:30 am after shooting northern lights. The focus was on photography, photography and photography! Jassi is a born mentor – he is non-invasive but at the same time will ensure that each and every individual is achieving his photographic goals from the trip. We shot non-stop for 12 days in extreme weather conditions, sometimes driving 5 hours for that one epic sunset shot but it didn’t seem hard because the organisers kept everyone in good humour and well fed! All in all a great experience and would love to be a part of future tours organised by Xploring Light!

Dr. Vikram Prabhakar (Al Ain) – Whispering Iceland, Sept 2017


Vikram Whispering Iceland Testimonials

“Space the final frontier” is the famous line from the epic Star Trek which we all grew up to. But with so much to see & experience on mother Earth, I won’t be bothered about space for now. Last month I had the opportunity to explore one of the earthly frontiers called Iceland. I have been to other destinations around the world & none have amazed me more than Iceland. It’s a photographer’s paradise, a tourist’s getaway & a revelation of the elements of the universe; earth, water, air, fire & space all in one place.
Let me tell you it’s not the place for the weak hearted. The very thought of waking up early, sleeping late barely managing a few hours of rest, trekking up hills, through sand &, gravel & knee-deep water, marching through spray of water, crawling on all fours, braving the cold gusty winds & still be sane to compose & marvel the nature can be attributed to the adrenaline rush one gets from the place. This obsession is multiplied many a fold if you are in the august company of ten charged up passionate photographers.
UAE Landscapers & Xploring Light under the keen eyes of Prakash Kumar Singh, Akhter from UAE & Jassi Oberai from India laid a platform for all of us to experience the marvel of Iceland in September 2017. The well organised itinerary was put to test by the unpredictable Icelandic weather which seemed to lead us on a hide & seek game for light through the thick clouds. We drove passionately through rain, across meadows, over mountainous terrain to get a glimpse of the sunlight & the dancing green lights of Aurora Borealis. Through the long drives we kept awake by generous helpings of chikki, khakras & pulse cookies, not to mention the lead car driving on the wrong side of the road or racing with the Optimus Prime lorries, leaving our sleeping eyes wide open with awe.
Last minute detours to find waterfalls or landmarks to capture were the spirit of the tour. The numerous seasonal waterfalls, the cloud draped snow covered mountain peaks, the winding roads, the moss-covered lava rocks, the black sand beaches, the open fields with sheep grazing & horses running free captured the eye & imagination of the artist within.
Though I had to leave the group 5 days short due to my professional commitments, I came back a learned man, with new friends & memory cards full of images to process. My gratitude & kudos to the organizers for tour well executed, my salute to the fellow photographers for their comradery. A piece of advice to the people still having Iceland on their bucket list…….
Empty your bucket here, you will have a bucketful there.

Dr. Vimal S. Hemani (Rajkot) – Whispering Iceland, Sept 2017


Vimal-Hemani Whispering Iceland Testimonials

What can be a land of extremes, extreme weather and landscape, complete loneliness,
surreal, rugged, unimaginable, unreal and unpredictable? Of course, it’s Iceland. And when you go there with Jassi Oberai and Xploring Light for photography, your trip becomes extraordinary, unbelievable, unusual, unthinkable and super duper fun. Their asociation with UAE Landscapers was icing on cake.
Iceland was always on my bucket list and when I read about the photo tour by Xploring Light, I didn’t think for a second and called up Jassi ji and told him that I am joining.
This was my 5th photo tour with Jassi ji and Xploring Light. Jassi ji is a great mentor and a great human being. All his tours are meticulously planned and executed. He not only taught many techniques but also ensured that all of us get proper shots during the trip. And the story doesn’t end with the tour. Even after almost a month, he is checking our photos and guiding us on post-processing techniques.
The Iceland tour was tough and hectic because none of the fantastic participants wanted to leave any opportunity to shoot places. No one thought of getting ready at 5 AM for a sunrise shoot even after getting to bed at 2 or 3 AM. And 12 days seemed like 12 minutes. If we ever had a free evening, our photos were checked, analyzed and proper guidance was given to improve. Fellow photographers were extraordinary human beings.
I am looking forward to joining Xploring Light again for the next trip.