The Great Migration

The Great Migration

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Moushumee-1 The Great Migration

Moushumee K Jha
Mesmerising Ladakh
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This was the first time i have ever attended a workshop. I mostly travel alone as it keeps me calm and I am able to focus better.
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Poonam The Great Migration

Dr. Poonam Singh 
Mesmerising Ladakh
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Miss the snowfall slicking the high passes and clouds so low I close my eyes as if I am on a fatal edge..
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Supriya-S The Great Migration

Supriya S.
Mesmerising Ladakh
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ladakh is like the trip of a lifetime for most people. As a photography novice, there was no better place for me to learn the basics than in Ladakh
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Tour Spotlight

  • Small batches of 4 participants per batch for focused photography and personalized attention
  • Shivang Mehta’s Photography guiding with a rich 200+ days of Mara experience over a period of 8 years
  • Day to day meticulous planning of full day game drives by Shivang Mehta
  • Accommodation options
  • Bush camping experience (tented accommodation at a strategic location inside Mara and closer to the the action areas)

Overview of the Photo Tour

The Great African Migration is much more than the simple river crossing which you are visualizing. Here are a few numbers to sweep you off your feat! The true spectacle of the migration is 1,245,000 wildebeest, 200,000 Burchell’s zebra, 18,000 eland and 500,000 Thomson’s gazelle filling the entire stretch of Mara landscape.
When the Savannah turns golden red in the month of July, and the zebra start pouring in across the river, the first herds of the wildebeest arrive and the feasting for the Mara’s predators and scavengers, begins.

The African Lion is the supreme predator of the Mara landscape and is a treat watch during the migration time as with a sizeable prey base spread across the Mara, the lion prides hunt strategically in the early morning or late noon hours giving you the chance to photograph these rare moments from close quarters in great light.
Often regarded as a shy, nocturnal animal, sightings of leopard in the Mara can occur even in the middle of the day and last for several minutes.

Although not as muscular as the leopard, the cheetah is built for sheer speed and is the world’s fastest land mammal and has been timed at 110 kilometers per hour. The Mara is one of the best places in the world to shoot a cheetah in full action as they often seek a vantage point on a fallen tree, termite mound or even car bonnet, to look out across the Savannah for their next prey.

Detailed Itinerary


Departure from Nairobi early in the morning.
The drive from the airport to Masai Mara takes 6 hours and goes through some very scenic parts of Kenya, including the rift valley.

Check into the camp and leave for the safari right after lunch. All safaris will be personally led by Photo Mentors –  guides who have years of experience guiding photographers in Masai Mara. Our team of guides have worked with the best of global photographers and film-makers and have all the experience to give you that perfect angle to shoot.

Safari will be in best-in-class side and top open vehicles (Landcruisers) which are perfect for photography. 4 participants will be allocated 1 vehicle so that you have ample amount of space to shoot from the window and from the top.
All vehicles will be using wireless radio devices for inter-vehicle connectivity in order to ensure that you are right at the action point as it happens. Return by sunset, dinner and overnight in the camp.

DAY 2-6

After an early breakfast (or packed breakfast) leave for your Masai Mara game drives. Picnic lunch will be provided if you plan to go for full day safaris and do not wish to return to the camp for lunch in case there are sighting reports from locations away from the camp. Since the camp is centrally located, you would have easy access to all areas of the park.


Do a morning round of the reserve and return to the camp for breakfast.
After a quick breakfast and some packed lunch leave for the International airport (6 hours drive) to catch your return flight.

  • Xploring Light team would be providing complimentary bean bags that can be used by the participants to shoot in Mara.
  • Fully Modified Landscruiser for photography
  • In-depth photography review sessions at the end of each day making it a comprehensive photographic experience for you.
  • 1 complimentary beverage per person per day for the safari (choice of beer, cold drink)
  • Complimentary mineral water in camp & safaris
  • Understanding nuances of photography in Masai Mara by Photo Mentor.

Participation Fee:

INR 1,85,000/-

*Tour restricted to 5 people only.

Booking Amount: Rs. 60000/- (Non-Refundable)


14th to 20th August, 2018

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Your Tour Mentor

Jassi Oberai

Shivang_Mehta The Great Migration

Your Tour Mentor

Shivang Mehta

Virtual Tour of The Great Migration

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