Xploring Rajasthan Testimonials

Parag Warerkar (Gurgaon): Xploring Rajasthan 2018


Parag Xploring Rajasthan Testimonials

I was a part of the Exploring Rajasthan photo tour this year. Never having done a photo tour before, I didn’t know what to expect. In Jassi I found the perfect mentor. He is so calm, open, non-judgemental and inspirational all at the same time. Having taken up my DSLR after a gap of almost 8 years, the photo tour was very rewarding and enjoyable.
Jassi went out of his way to treat us to a stay at Manvar Resorts (luxurious tents in a desert setting).
Our local guide at Jaisalmer, Susheel George is outstanding in his knowledge of Jaisalmer.
I also thoroughly enjoyed Jodhpur with Rajneesh and his more direct method of teaching.
I will fondly remember everyone, Marlene, John, Sameer, Aniruddh…..hope we meet again sometime
All-in-all it was superlative experience and I will be a part of another Xploring Light photo tour soon.

Anirudh Poddar (Chicago, USA): Xploring Rajasthan 2018


Anirudh-1 Xploring Rajasthan Testimonials

‘It is important to be a good photographer. It is even more important to be a responsible photographer.’

Jassi lives this motto.

Not every good photographer can explain concepts well. Jassi, though, is an amazing photographer and an excellent instructor. The real deal, however, is his social presence and interacting with the environment around him. Amazingly humble and non assuming, it is not difficult to know that any tour, with him as a mentor, is going to be loads of fun and learning.

Sameer Narvekar (Dubai): Xploring Rajasthan and Vibrant Pushkar 2018


Sameer Xploring Rajasthan Testimonials

I guess the Pushkar Fair is on the bucket list of many photographers – both professional and hobbyist alike- When I stumbled upon the Pushkar photo tour by Xploring Light, I quickly realized that this was adjacent to Xploring Rajasthan. That made my decision easy and I signed up for both these tours.

I must express that these were one of the best photo tours (cum workshops) I attended. Jassi -our mentor for Xploring Rajasthan – was very dedicated in creating and exploring photo opportunities for us participants. He did not carry his camera on some occasions so we had his undivided attention.
Secondly, the focus was on overall mentoring with emphasis on the pre-snapping thought process and not so much on the technical aspects of photography. Which helped me in understanding myself better as a photographer.
Thankfully this focus on mentoring carried over into the Pushkar tour with Rajneesh and Sonali. The critique/review sessions in the evening were especially helpful for me.

I came back with happy memories, good photos and great moments shared not just with the mentors but the whole group/s.

I would highly recommend Xploring Light to everyone.

I am certain to join Xploring Light on another photo adventure – until then…